Common back pain causes & relief through Rolfing


Most Common Back Pain Causes. Often back pain can be related to bad postures scoliosis, fractures, trauma, old injury and or injury in childhood, spondylolisthesis and tumors. Degenerative conditions protruding or ruptured discs, where strained muscles or ligaments to name a few. Back Pain In women" Back pain in women can be caused by [...]

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How to improve your body’s co-ordination through Rolfing.


Rolfing increases body awareness and improved muscle control and coordination. Working joints have opposing sets of muscles, called flexors and extensors. In your arm the bicep is the flexor that bends your elbow, and the triceps the extensor that straightens the elbow. When their action is coordinated, one muscle contracts, while the other lengthens. [...]

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Athletes benefit from Rolfing


If the biceps is unable to relax completely as the triceps contracts, the triceps must work harder to overcome the resistance of the biceps. Coordination of the muscles is then impaired. Winning athletes have benefitted from Rolfing in many sports, including gymnastics, diving, cycling, running, basketball, baseball, tennis, football, volleyball, dancing, and many other [...]

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Is sitting at your computer a pain in the neck?


Sitting at your PC for long hours ca cause neck and shoulder tensions. A few sessions of Structural Integration will not only change your posture and hyperextension of the head, but greatly relieve your muscle spasms and pain related problems, through gentle deep tissue manipulation. To find out more get in contact with Julie [...]

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