Most Common Back Pain Causes.

Often back pain can be related to bad postures scoliosis, fractures, trauma, old injury and or injury in childhood, spondylolisthesis and tumors.

Degenerative conditions protruding or ruptured discs, where strained muscles or ligaments to name a few.

Back Pain In women”

Back pain in women can be caused by hormonal imbalances and pregnancy.

Old injury:

If there is a history of an injury, which involved a sharp jolt, jerk or twist, like a hard rugby tackle, falling off a horse, down the stairs or a car accident years before.


Must not necessarily be part of ageing. When patients of 60+ are successfully treated, they remain free of pain for many years.

Degeneration only occurs under extreme circumstances. When tissues are subjected to excessive strain, they cannot keep pace with wear and tear.

Narrowing of the spaces between the vertebrae is not usually caused by degeneration of the discs, but by the pressure from the protective spasm which compresses them.

Old Injuries:

Such as, someone pulling your chair from underneath you or falling on your coccyx, results in

  1. Increased flexion of the normal curves of the back, especially the lower back (lumber) area, which is first to be effected by the blow.
  2. Compressional force through the vertebrae and discs.
  3. Hard jolt to the lumbo-sacral joint at the base of the spine and the sacro-iliac joint between the spine and the pelvis.
  4. Sharp stretching of the ligaments and possibly the muscles both of which may be torn
  5. Bruising of the facet-joints, whose primary function is to stabilize one vertebrae to the next and to limit movement in all directions

Nature responds to the bruising by trying to protect and help it repair itself.

(Source “The Back And Beyond” by Dr Paul Sherwood)

Rolfing Can Assist In Long Term Pain Relief

Rolfing / Strutural integration, involves manipluation of the muscles and the connective tissue to offer short or long back pain relief.