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Posture Repair – Back, Neck & Shoulder Pain Relief Through Structural Integration


Rolfing is correcting the alignment of your body through deep tissue manipulation. Get relief from back, neck & shoulder pain through the process of structural integration. Contact Julie to find out more.

Posture Repair – Back, Neck & Shoulder Pain Relief Through Structural Integration2021-09-16T07:49:50+00:00

Common back pain causes & relief through Rolfing


Most Common Back Pain Causes. Often back pain can be related to bad postures scoliosis, fractures, trauma, old injury and or injury in childhood, spondylolisthesis and tumors. Degenerative conditions protruding or ruptured discs, where strained muscles or ligaments to name a few. Back Pain In women" Back pain in women can be caused by [...]

Common back pain causes & relief through Rolfing2019-10-13T05:10:11+00:00

How to improve your body’s co-ordination through Rolfing.


Rolfing increases body awareness and improved muscle control and coordination. Working joints have opposing sets of muscles, called flexors and extensors. In your arm the bicep is the flexor that bends your elbow, and the triceps the extensor that straightens the elbow. When their action is coordinated, one muscle contracts, while the other lengthens. [...]

How to improve your body’s co-ordination through Rolfing.2019-10-12T17:00:57+00:00

Athletes benefit from Rolfing


If the biceps is unable to relax completely as the triceps contracts, the triceps must work harder to overcome the resistance of the biceps. Coordination of the muscles is then impaired. Winning athletes have benefitted from Rolfing in many sports, including gymnastics, diving, cycling, running, basketball, baseball, tennis, football, volleyball, dancing, and many other [...]

Athletes benefit from Rolfing2018-05-02T05:27:02+00:00

Get rid of that hunched posture through Rolfing sessions


Need help getting your posture in order? Through manipulation of the muscle tissue, multiple Rolfing / Structural Integration sessions will assist in re-alignment of a hunched posture. Are you experiencing either of the following? Hunched Back Hunched Shoulders Hunched Neck Contact Julie to book your Structural Integration (Rolfing) sessions to improve your posture.   [...]

Get rid of that hunched posture through Rolfing sessions2017-08-05T04:42:57+00:00

Rolfing increases muscle flexibility throughout the body by lengthening connective tissue


Muscle Contraction and Range of Motion Chronically contracted muscles around a joint cause the connective tissue to shorten. Rolfing improves flexibility by lengthening connective tissue throughout the body.  Joints have a naturally range of motion-that is, the bones are designed to move toward and away from each other through an arc of a given length. [...]

Rolfing increases muscle flexibility throughout the body by lengthening connective tissue2017-06-09T04:31:18+00:00

Sustained muscle contraction and energy


Muscles contract for reasons unrelated to weight-bearing.  Tightening the body is an automatic response to stress or danger. During the stress response our breathing gets shallow as the muscles of the abdomen, ribs and diaphragm contract.  Other components of the stress response may include tightening of the muscles of the shoulders, neck, jaw, even the [...]

Sustained muscle contraction and energy2017-05-22T06:27:46+00:00

What is deep tissue manipulation


Structural Integration (Rolfing) & Deep tissue manipulation Tissue that does not receive adequate blood flow, becomes toxic and painful. In a disorganised body, circulation is inhibited by chronic muscle contractions and by strain and compression in soft tissues. By bringing the body into correct alignment with gravity Structural Integration ( Rolfing)  removes the impediments to good [...]

What is deep tissue manipulation2017-05-16T13:59:57+00:00

The Core Benefits Of Structural Integration Explained


The benefits of Structural Integration (Rolfing) Enhanced performance because of: relief from posture related pain improved mechanical efficiency improved coordination greater flexibility Increased physiological efficiency because of: improved breathing improved circulation improved digestion improved elimination improved sleep pattern Improved alignment and appearance through prevention of: pain and stiffness associated with ageing stooping and compression [...]

The Core Benefits Of Structural Integration Explained2017-05-08T11:42:26+00:00

4 Reasons to improve your posture


Rolfing (Structural Integration) consists of some simple ideas about the human structure. 1. Most human beings are significantly out of alignment with gravity. 2. We function better when we are lined up with the gravitational field of the earth. 3. The human body is so plastic, that it's alignment can be brought into harmony with gravity at practically [...]

4 Reasons to improve your posture2017-05-08T11:42:06+00:00
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