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Structural Integration (Rolfing)

Posture can be successfully corrected by Structural Integration, also called Rolfing. Structural Integration (Rolfing) is a legacy of Dr. Ida Rolf. In the 1930’s, as a result of a family illness, she began to investigate the causes of poor posture. She found that chronic or “fixed” poor posture, is disorganised structure caused by bones being pulled out of normal skeletal alignment by shortened connective tissue (fascia).

She discovered that the shortened tissue can be lengthened by skillful manipulation, which restores the body to good posture and has a positive effect on the person’s over-all physical and emotional wellbeing. Eventually her work became known as the Rolf method of Structural Integration.

Fundamentally Structural Integration (Rolfing) consists of some simple ideas about human structure:

  1. Most human beings are significantly out of alignment with gravity.
  2. We function better when we are lined up with the gravitational field of the earth.
  3. The human body is so plastic, that its alignment can be brought into harmony with gravity at practically any time of life.

Therapy Sessions

Structural Integration (Rolfing) consists of 10 sessions. Each session is different and prepares the body for the next session. The first 3 sessions work as a unit, so do the next 4 and the last three sessions. There can be a break between sessions 3 and 4, and between 7 and 8. Each session lasts about 1 hour. Good results are common after the first three sessions. Structural Integration is an original scientifically validated system of body restructuring. It releases the body’s segments- legs, torso, arms etc. – from lifelong patterns of tension and bracing, permitting gravity to realign them, by doing so, it balances the body.

What benefits do people reap?

People report that they move better, sleep better, feel more alive, one feels lighter and people have more energy. The body becomes more comfortable to live in, more joyful to experience. The circumstances that were once problems, are now viewed as opportunities for excellence. What were once perceived as breakdowns are now handled as challenges? Pains that one has grown accustomed to are gone in most people.



Rolfing Practitioner Julie Westfehling

Structural Integration therapist Julie Westfehling said:” Structural Integration is for anyone who has experienced trauma, either physically or emotionally and knows it had limited them in some way and wants to be released. Her clients have included dancers, golf and tennis players, runners, rugby players, hypnotherapists, rape victims, survivors of car accidents. People with back problems (which in most cases are a result of poor posture), neck problems, headaches and general stiffness. Structural Integration can be performed at any age. Julie’s youngest client is 6 and her oldest is 92.

Julie has practiced Structural Integration (Rolfing) since 26 years and is a certified practitioner of Structural Integration since 1990.


Client Testimonials

“I am 46 years old, very overweight and as I am suffering from scoliosis I’ve had a Harrington rod operation when I was 16 years old. For about a year before I came to see Julie I’d been suffering from lower back pain, debilitating pain in my legs, tingling and burning under my feet. I was almost unable to move around due to the intense leg pain – diagnosis: pinched nerve. I was in a severe depressed state as I was unable to sleep at night, play with my kids, etc – I was dragging myself through the day.
After only four sessions with Julie and her applying the Rolfing technique I could already feel a difference – less pain, more mobility.
After the seventh session I was already completely without pain in my legs, fully mobile and feeling 10 years younger; positive and energized!!
I don’t take any painkillers, muscle relaxants or similar. I also don’t do any other therapy. I’ve now even started a healthy eating plan and am ready to start light exercise! After the recommended 10 Rolfing sessions, I shall continue for a couple of sessions to enforce the results.
In addition to Julie’s extensive experience and brilliant application of technique, I consider her warmth and understanding as a fundamental part of my successful treatment!
Thank you, Julie, you’ve truly changed my life!”
Hi Julie, I am an old client from October 2013. Just wanted to say hello and to let you know that the
healing with my back continued long after our sessions were over. Just recently  at the gym  I was
remembering, how I could not get up from lying on my back or bend over to tie my shoes, and I am
only in my foutries.  So thank you again, I am painfree and active again.  Best wishes, Linda p.  (Johannesburg)
Linda P


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Monday – Friday 7:00 – 17:00

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